Kail Lowry’s Book Tour Stop, Stops hearts in Louisville

On Friday, September 12, Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry, better known as Kail, stopped at a Barnes and Noble in Louisville for her book tour. As a huge fan, I showed up with “Pride Over Pity” purchased and in hand at 9:00AM at the Paddocks, three hours prior to when the MTV reality star was supposed to arrive. While waiting, I ran into a man by the name of Sam Boyd. He apparently already knew Kail from his own MTV days and planned on catching up once she arrived.

After growing tiresome I grabbed a seat, which soon after I was informed was for the authors. Two things caught me off guard. One the tables weren’t set up with books, and two authors? Plural? What? To throw in an extra twist Amber Portwood, from the original Teen Mom, was also a part of the small-scale tour with her book “Never Too Late”.

Of course the authors ran late, and as starving as I was, I impulsively ate my lunch in the seat of one of the Teen Mom’s. Standing third place in line, my heart began to beat uncontrollably. The tour bus had finally been spotted. My new found friend, second in line, and I sprinted out the doors of the book store to find an MTV camera man, who we got pictures with, and then proceeded to rush to our spots in the ever-growing line.

Once they walked in my heart stopped, for at least one beat. I couldn’t believe they were standing in front of me. I gave my full attention to Kail as we briefly discussed her reality show experience, and snapped a couple pictures. It was over in a flash, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I just kept staring at her, in the flesh. She flashed smiles at me and in another life I believe we’d be great friends.

My new acquaintances and I played with Kail’s youngest son, Lincoln, who hadn’t even reached a year of life. We were then approached by a different camera person who offered us the opportunity of appearing on an episode. We had to fill out consent forms and then were briefly filmed saying goodbye to the stars and snapping selfies.

Whether a teen mom, actor, musical artist, etc., meeting celebrities gives me little insights into a world I hope one day to be a part of.

Kail, Me, Amber
Kail, Me, Amber

MTV’s VMAs: Miley Shocks the Nation; but not with the use of her tongue


This year’s Video Music Awards, hosted in Los Angeles, differed drastically from 2013’s award show, especially with Miley Cyrus’s appearances. Her first performance of her single “We Can’t Stop” shocked not only the audience present, but the viewers at home, and millions of others post airing. She provocatively danced with Robin Thicke, and we will never forget how she suggestively used that infamous foam finger. But, this year, was completely different. She didn’t perform, but attended due to her nominations. She won video of the year and sent a homeless young adult, Jesse Helt, to accept on her behalf. It kicked off her new charity for young homeless people in LA, known as My Friend’s Place. She’s raised over $20,000 since then and continues in her efforts to help. Of course, due to her originality and reputation, the nation was still shocked, but in a different sense. Instead of condemning Miley’s actions, they were overall praised. People seem to think Cyrus had changed when she had Helt give an acceptance speech. Yet, Miley has always been charitable through over 30 various organizations such as Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, and Music for Relief. She’s expressing every part of who she is, provocative, talented, wild, and relevant to this case, charitable.

In more current news, Miley Cyrus continues to add to her tattoo collection, and filled in some of her finger tats. The, once hollow heart that remains as a Cyrus family tradition, is now filled in with a galaxy design. The star also added an alien head and a watermelon slice. The eye on her pointer finger is also filled in with pigments of blue and white. Miley’s tattoos, whether sentimental, or impulsive, exist as a key characteristic of her persona.

Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour Outlet for Animal Activism

On August 9, I attended the Bangerz tour at Louisville, Kentucky’s Yum Center. The continuation of the trippy videos, played alongside Miley Cyrus’s singing, came to a halt after the artist sang Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. One of her dogs, Floyd, passed away this past Spring, around the same time my own little brother (dog), passed, as well. The overtly open, passionate entertainer has always had a soft heart towards animals. About three years ago, she rescued a dog, who now goes by Happy, abandoned outside of a Walmart. On the hot August evening of the concert, Miley had a heart-to-heart with the audience, spurred by a front row fan’s gift. A multitude of concert-goers with large wallets and floor seats, threw gifts of fandom affection at Cyrus throughout the duration of the event. One in particular was a bracelet with rhinos and hippos. It inspired a speech on how we should help as many animals as we can. She urged Kentuckians, who have a lot of land, to rescue these helpless creatures and to use the resources we have to benefit the world around us. Miley may repeatedly shock the society in which we live, but there’s more to the pop-star than her provocative persona.