Sold My Soul to the Shore

On Wednesday February 3, 2015 a little piece of my heart left me for MTV, 495 Prodctions, and Snooki and Jwoww. The last episode was existentially perfect, with a reunion of the Jersey Shore cast fist pumping at Nicole and Jionni’s wedding reception. All as it should be. As the tears ran down my smiling cheeks, I flashed back to the many times I felt connected on a deeper level to the Shore and it’s Italian tenants.

My love for MTV began with Jersey Shore I basically felt like I knew each cast member personally. The journey I took to Seaside Heights the summer of the 6th and final season only deepened my dedication. If only I had gone two weeks prior, I would have met the entire crew. But, filming had ended and as I walked into the T-shirt shop my excitement became unreal as I came face to face with the owner Danny.


Visiting Karma, Beachcomber’s, the roller coaster, Ravoli’s, of course the house, and other infamous sites from the show made me feel like a part of it. I walked where they walked, I rode the rides they were once screaming at the top of their lungs, I ate where they ate. Even though we didn’t cross paths, I felt their presence. I also had the privilege of continuing my fandom through the spin off show Snooki & Jwoww and visited the retired firehouse where Nicole and Jenni lived on the first season.



Nicole Polizzi, my favorite cast member, infiltrated my room with her autographed photos as responses from fan letters, life-size cutout, pottery mini sculpture, and Etsy candle holder. I couldn’t believe after all these years of watching the badass guidette in the comfort of my own home, that I’d be chatting with her online and having the ability to purchase a home décor piece that she made herself. I completely geeked out when she responded, but hey in the words of Nicole and Deena “What’d ya gonna do?”





But before the ultimatum of Jersey Shore, I said my goodbyes nationwide. Through the medium of a Facebook contest, fans were able to make goodbye videos for the cast to see. Mine aired live on MTV, one of my most prized accomplishments. I dedicated it towards the cast’s efforts in “Restoring the Shore” from the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. I’m just thankful they weren’t there when it happened and that I got to visit Seaside before Sandy took control.

Although I will forever miss these MTV reality stars, I have many memories to carry me through a lifetime. Seeing Pauly D. DJ live, going to the Shore, chatting with Nicole, and watching their lives on television made these last five years that much better. I grew up with them, matured with them, and in turn love them as my own friends. Long live Jersey Shore. Good luck on all your life endeavors guys, “Cabs are Heya”, to carry you onto your ambitious futures. Love you.