Andy Grammer: A Sock Story


My journey began during a summer internship with the local Louisville radio station, 99.7 DJX. In promotion for the upcoming Army birthday concert at Fort Knox, Andy Grammer agreed to a phone interview. My boss allowed me to ask one, and only one, question. I’d liked the “Fine By Me” singer since high school, but after my inquisition about his sock collection, my admiration turned into slight obsession. He responded first by telling me he loved me for asking him about the subject matter and then went into farther detail about which pair he planned on strapping on for the big concert.

After that first encounter, I applied for a tour crew position to join Grammer’s on-the-road team. Due to my background in celebrity journalism and ambition for a celebrity-oriented career, I was chosen! Over the next six weeks social media marketing consumed my life.

Finally, Aug. 12 rolled around, aka the day of the concert. I met my “boss” for the night, Amanda Solum. She had a background in several aspects of the music industry and directed me and two other crew members accordingly. We were to expand Andy’s mailing list by talking about the opportunity we were given and what benefits fans could receive by staying in the know throughout the year. During the show and briefly after, we worked the merch table, selling T-shirts, CD’s, posters, etc.

Since the three of us tour crew members were employed for free, our reward included a private meet and greet with Grammer, himself. Before that could happen, we had to help out with the meet and greet for those who purchased them. It was torture watching them take picture after picture with the man behind the widely popular single “Honey I’m Good.” After the last fan left, it was time.

The other two girls walked up to him before me. As I began to approach him my heart started pounding. I immediately turned into a little kid and hugged him like he was my older brother as I blushingly dragged out the only word I could utter: “Hiiiii.” Even with my bashful greeting, he openly embraced me and said “Hi you’re such a sweetheart.”

The four of us gathered together for our photobooth-like photoshoot. Then, we each took separate pictures with the pop star. Again, I went last. He asked me what poses I wanted to do, but all I could say was I wanted to hug him again. He giggled and gave me his open arms and quietly told me how sweet I was, yet again. The pictures couldn’t have turned out better, one of which involves me KISSING him!

Since our first encounter began with the topic of socks, I thought it only right to make personalized socks for Andy. As I presented the black and white photoshopped pair to him I said “I have something special for you,” and his jaw dropped. “Wow. These are so special. They’re so great,” his awestruck face spoke in what was almost a whisper. The look in Andy’s eyes let me know he meant it. That’s all I wanted out of our meeting, for him to remember me. I mean, isn’t that what every fangirl dreams of?!

As he walked away I shouted “I love you!” To which he replied, “I love you, too!” Andy freaking Grammer will forever hold a special place in my little kid heart. ❤