Couch Cal interviews Drizzy Drake

On January 26, Drake made an appearance on Coach John Calipari’s “Cal Cast” podcast. The University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach and Drake go way back as friends.  Coach even attended Drake’s high school graduation.


In the interview the two friends discuss several aspects of drake life, one of which is still a mystery: Drake’s More Life Project. The idea behind the project is to always have music from Drake in between album releases. According to Rolling Stone, it’s a playlist resulting from collaboration with Apple Music. Drake described it as “a body of work that I’m creating.” Don’t be confused, it is not an album that he’s going to drop, but rather a playlist so that his music stays continuous.

Drake also discussed his acting career, as his first role existed on Degrassi back in 2001. “I think after I release More Life, which is this playlist I’m working on, and finish this tour, I think I’m going to really start to position myself in the acting world and, hopefully, take some great roles,” Drizzy said.

The rapper’s aspirations are far and wide and one day Drake may even become a late night show host. “I hope to get there one day where I put on amazing suits every night. Just put on Tom Ford every night, sit with a glass of wine, and laugh with people that I’ve spent years with in the business, or friends of mine, and give people something to watch every night that makes them feel good and laugh.” How stinking cute is he?! Just make sure to include us radio DJ’s as some of your guests.

Listen to the entire interview here:

In other news, MTV News to be specific, Meek Mill will punch Drake for $5 million. Say what? First, the upcoming fight resulting from beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy and now this? Watch the video below found on Meek’s Instagram, which he has since deleted. He even included Nicki Minaj in the mix. Oh shooooot .



Big Sean and Eminem Collab in the making! Oh Shoooot

On January 18, Big Sean had an interview with Zane Lowe from Beats 1 about his upcoming album entitled I Decided. During which, he revealed some impressive collabs that the world will hear when the album’s released on Feb 3.


Eminem worked with Big Sean on the track, “Lose Yourself.” He was the only rapper Big Sean could see gracing the song with his presence, reported Billboard. Eminem adds a memorable flavor to “Lose Yourself,” as Big Sean replayed the verse over and over again. This isn’t the first time the two have worked together. Sean appeared on Eminem’s “Detroit vs. Everybody” back in 2014.

According to MTV News, other artists that either worked with him on I Decided, or are featured in some of the tracks include: DJ Mustard, Kanye West, Metro Boomin, The-Dream, and Jhene Aiko aka Big Sean’s girlfriend. The Detroit rapper just dropped another song, “Halfway Off The Balcony,” helping fans get a taste of what is to come on the album.

Link to “Halfway Off The Balcony”:


Justin Bieber throws shade at The Weeknd

As PDA-filled photos of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have surfaced, Justin Bieber hasn’t kept quiet.


According to People, a TMZ cameraman confronted Bieber about the music of the “starboy,” to which Justin replied, “Hell no, I can’t listen to a Weeknd song. That shit is wack.” Spoken like a true 90’s kid.

The Weeknd’s ex, Bella Hadid also threw some serious shade by posting an Instagram photo of her flipping off paparazzi during one of her first public appearances since The Weeknd and Gomez were romantically photographed.


Neither Selena nor her supposed new beau has stated any information about the kissing photos, but one thing’s for sure. Selena has a thing for Canadian singers.

Mariah Carey gives a Bribery Lap Dance

Mariah Carey’s new beau and back up dancer, Bryan Tanaka, recently fractured his knee-cap and hasn’t been able to dance with his beloved on tour. In order to convince him not to quit, Ms. Carey utilized her stripper-inspired skills and gave him a lap dance to “Touch My Body” at one of the tour stops showcased on  E!’s most recent episode of Mariah’s World.

Tanaka sported a full-leg brace and crutches as he wobbled to the chair for his special moment. The other dancers helped him on stage while Mariah blindfolded him. “It was pretty amazing. That moment when I got to go on stage for a second, it was a special moment in time,” said Tanaka.

According to People, the dancer’s doctor has advised him to stay off of his knee for another four weeks.

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned every Sunday at 9 p.m. to find out if they end up together or not. Sounds like a botched up situation, much like Tanaka’s knee.

Nicki droppin it.. as in a new album

Oh the anticipation! Nicki Minaj just announced her next album will be dropping soon in collaboration with Major Lazer.

In their newest single, “Run Up,” Nicki Minaj raps a verse including this line: “Bout to drop a album. This is my fourth.” The kicker is no one knows when it’s dropping! Come on Nicki give us more than just a line in a song! We need the specifics!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this album trumps The Pinkprint, but how long will we actually be shaking in anticipation?

According to MTV News, Major Lazer will also release a new album entitled, Music is the Weapon.


Anderson .Paak and his son are #goals

In honor of Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday, Anderson .Paak brought his son with him for his performance of “Am I Wrong.”  Since we all know Ellen loves to dance, father and son duo had a “soul”-filled dance party alongside the band.

Nominated for two Grammy’s this year, one of which falls under the category of Best New Artist as reported by MTV News, Anderson .Paak also played the drums while singing, and got the audience involved in the charismatic dancing. As if .Paak and his six-year-old son hadn’t already blessed Ellen with the perfect gift, on behalf of their band, Free Nationals, Ellen also received a black hoodie sweatshirt dawned with a black panther. The performance ended with a burst of confetti and a whole lotta love for the show host.


Soulja Boy in Cuffs.. Not Chains

Soulja Boy may not make it to the proposed boxing match with Chris Brown, due to his recent felony charge of illegal possession of firearms.

Reports from December 2016 relay that the rapper was arrested after his house was searched by police.  According to Rolling Stone, Los Angeles police found two guns, one being an assault weapon, and the other stolen from a police car. If that was not enough to arrest Soulja Boy, the fact that he was currently on probation and not allowed to possess any sort of weapon gave police plenty of reason to lock him in handcuffs.

At his most recent court appearance on Monday, January 23, he pleaded not guilty, but will set foot in court again on February 28th, which could result in prison time up to four years.

His album release may also interfere with jail time, as Draco is said to drop on February 21, MTV News reported.  As of right now, it looks like Chris Brown is off the hook. To be continued…