Soulja Boy in Cuffs.. Not Chains

Soulja Boy may not make it to the proposed boxing match with Chris Brown, due to his recent felony charge of illegal possession of firearms.

Reports from December 2016 relay that the rapper was arrested after his house was searched by police.  According to Rolling Stone, Los Angeles police found two guns, one being an assault weapon, and the other stolen from a police car. If that was not enough to arrest Soulja Boy, the fact that he was currently on probation and not allowed to possess any sort of weapon gave police plenty of reason to lock him in handcuffs.

At his most recent court appearance on Monday, January 23, he pleaded not guilty, but will set foot in court again on February 28th, which could result in prison time up to four years.

His album release may also interfere with jail time, as Draco is said to drop on February 21, MTV News reported.  As of right now, it looks like Chris Brown is off the hook. To be continued…


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