A $20 Million Lawsuit awaits the twin-bearing Beyoncé

Looks like Blue Ivy’s inheritance may be dropping again due to a sample in Beyoncé’s ‘Formation.’ First the twins, now this?!

Known as Messy Mya on YouTube, Anthony Barré’s estate may soon be gaining value as claims have been established that Mrs. Carter sampled one of his videos without permission. In the 2010 YouTube video, Barré says “Ooh, Baby, oh yes, I like that,” which can be heard a minute into ‘Formation.’ The lawsuit for the $20 million is due in royalties and for other damages, reported the Huffington Post.

According to MTV News, The New Orleans YouTube personality was shot and killed in November of 2010, shortly after the “pirated” video was released. The Lemonade may be turning sour.