A Cyrus Sandwich

“Guys, he is coming ,” 99.7 DJX’s Ben Davis calmly said to fellow DJ, Chelsea, and I. Not only was one Cyrus coming to the station, but the father of all Cyrus’, Mr. Billy Ray himself. In the flesh. I was having enough trouble thinking about meeting Noah, his youngest, let alone the dad from Hannah Montana.

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Miley. The days leading up to the big meet and greet I hardly slept. My anxious excitement filled every inch of my thoughts, until I woke up and it was THE day. The day I got to meet members of my favorite family.

The anticipation grew greater as the time seemingly got pushed back farther and farther. My two little hair buns on top of my head felt like they were going to pop off! I just couldn’t wait any longer! Then it was time to prep.

As I stood in the studio with Ben and Chelsea my heart pounded. I was shaking as I awaited the duo to turn the corner. Chelsea and I were discussing the Cyrus family and which members we hoped would tag along. As the intensity grew phrases were thrown out such as, “I’ll pee my pants if…” and “I will literally cry if…” To which Ben looked into each our eyes with a fatherly gaze as he said, “guys, he is coming with her. I’m just going to go ahead and tell you so you can get it all out now.” It was official. Noah was bringing her iconic father and neither of us could deal.

Just as our shock  hit us, J.D., the program director, walked in and announced a rash change of plans. Noah was going to interview later in the studio and they were on their way. Rushing out of the studio, I found a couple coworkers and we made our way outside to get some air.

Then, in slow motion, I glanced to my left, and there they were, walking down the street looking cool as hell. Billy Ray Cyrus clad in a heather- colored beanie and aviators and Noah Cyrus with red cast Lennon- inspired shades walked down Fourth Street straight towards me. I’m sure I looked insane, but I took in this movie moment and play it on a continuous loop at least once a day.

J.D. welcomed the pair as I stood in awe. Billy looked to us and said, “How are you all doin’ over there?” to which I quickly replied, “GREAT!” As we followed them inside Noah took a photo of our dog logo. It reminded her of one of her past pups. The two of them, along with their band got on the elevator and I followed in suit. JD came on with me (THANK GOD), knowing how big of a fan I am he just turned and smiled at me. So, of course, I turned around to Papa Cyrus and Baby Cyrus and introduced myself.. literally two inches from their faces. They smiled and greeted me.

Walking off of an elevator with Billy Ray Cyrus and Noah Cyrus was one of the greatest feelings in the WORLD. I walked in with them following behind me to all the fans who were patiently waiting. The smile plastered across my face told it all. It was truly better than Christmas morning, and that’s saying a lot coming from me.

As soon as we were all seated Noah said, “Hey dad want some pizza?” (so casual) He ate his sausage and pepperoni slices as he sat in a stack of five chairs just nonchalantly in the back of the room. They’re seriously such a cute father and daughter pair. Noah took her seat at the front of the room as she played “Again” followed by “Make Me.” She hit those high notes and sang so perfectly. I wanted to full out sing and dance but I had to keep my cool as everyone else was silent.


After the intimate performance, we each took a picture with Noah. When it was my turn she looked at me and said “Hey girl,” like we were already besties.

We were rushed upstairs to the studio for the on-air interview. I held my breath as I filmed the entirety of the brilliance. I was so shaky, especially at the end of the session when Billy Ray turned to my camera and nodded! I literally thought I was going to DIE.  He had so many cool tattoos. I just couldn’t believe he was in the flesh right in front of me.

I took a picture with both Cyrus’s to which I said, “Cyrus Sandwich.”

“Everyone says that!” Noah said while smiling.


After we were all done acting as paparazzi, I asked for Noah’s autograph and gave her some dried tea leaves. She was SO grateful. Like I had given her diamonds. She hugged me and said, “You’re so sweet thank you so much. Seriously.” Billy said “Hey you got your tea.” THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!

The rest of the staff all got pictures with Billy Ray and then we walked them out. Noah thanked me one last time.

Thank you to DJX for the best experience of my life next to my wedding.
P.S. They played “Achy Breaky Heart” that night during the opening of the Katy Perry show #lifemade



A Furry Perspective


Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. My name is Otis. I just wanted to tell you about a day in the life of the infamous #BickelBeagle.

Each morning, starting at about 3:00, I BEGGGG my mom to let me in bed. You see, my parents  have this new rule where I’m not allowed to sleep in bed with them. If I try to they growl at me and this blue bottle full of wet stuff gets shot out at me! I just want to be close to them.


Anyways, I always choose to ask my mom because she’s not as strict with me. I just put my front paws on the bed and stare at her with the saddest face I can manage and she usually lets me jump up.

I like cuddling with my dad. He sleeps so heavy it’s like laying with a giant pillow that never moves. My mom always pushes me around and it just makes me so grumpy! Let me sleep, woman!

At 6:30, my dad’s alarm goes off, which means it’s time to eat! When I hear those beeps my stomach gets so excited that it makes me jump and shout yippeeeeeeee! I can’t help but to race around the bedroom screaming PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! My dad finally gets up after about the 15th PLEASE!

I race him to the kitchen, but I always win! Then my belly makes me run in circles and jump around until I hear the magical sound of food hitting my bowl.

YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM. Uh oh. I have to go potty. Now my bladder is making me race back to the bedroom where my mom is STILL SLEEPING. She’s so lazy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

She’s faster than Dad when it comes to getting out of bed but still I’m about to burst. I race outside and smell the ground for my FAVORITE spot. There are a lot of rocks in my yard, but I like to go on grass. My spot is pretty close to the door so I can hurry inside if it’s too cold or raining. Although I love the raindrops. I HATE baths, but rain is just so fun to run in.

Yelling PLEASE doesn’t usually work to get back inside so I have to use my deep voice and say MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM!!!! This is my favorite part of the morning because as soon as that door opens I get a treat! My mom even bakes them for me in the fall. I think they’re pumpkin flavored but I don’t care. I just love throwing them around. Then I get to lay on my bed in the bathroom while dad showers. I just like being close to at least one of my parents. ALL THE TIME.

Once the shower is over I get to lick all the raindrops off my dad’s legs. Then, I climb back in bed with mom for another 30 minutes before she gets up and starts making noise come out of her phone that talks about Santa and jingle bells and my ancestors, horses and reindeer! I LOVE DEER. ONE TIME I SAW ONE IN MY YARD! I CHASED HIM AS FAST AS I COULD BUT HE DIDN’T WANT TO PLAY. I WAS REALLY SAD WHEN I COULDN’T FIND HIM BUT I THINK HE’LL COME BACK ONE DAY. I TRIED TO SAY HEY I’M RELATED TO YOU! BUT I THINK HE WAS TOO TALL TO HEAR ME.

When mom leaves I have to get in my crate, which is where I get my beauty rest. After staying up most of the night BEGGING to get on the bed, I’m pretty tired. I love curling up in a ball and just cuddling with one of my furry friends that mom and dad give me.  My mom says I look like a crescent roll. Sometimes I wake up to Jesus and God walking around upstairs. I usually try to talk to them but they’re too far away. I also talk to the turtles who live in a bowl across from my crate. They just sit there staring at me and sometimes climb on a rock! I think they sleep a lot, too.

THEN THE BEST PART OF THE DAY HAPPENS. I hear the doorknob and dad is home! HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!!! I get so excited that I almost pee myself! And then my belly gets all excited again so I have to race around and jump everywhere until the food hits my bowl again. Then my bladder gets all excited. THEN MOM COMES HOME!!! It’s like two Christmases every single day! With mom I can’t help but scream MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM! She tells me that she missed me ALLLLLL day. And I kiss her over and over. I don’t usually kiss her because she ALWAYS wants me to, but when I first see her after sleeping I love giving her a bunch!

Then I just get to hangout with my parents. AKA my best friends! Unless it’s Monday. Because on Mondays I get to hangout with my DOG FRIENDS!! Roxy is my favorite. I know her name by heart. She’s technically my Aunt, but I feel like she’s more my friend. We get to run around all over a giant thing of grass! There are butterflies and weeds that are super yummy. Well not really but Roxy and the other two dogs eat them, so I might as well. I love rolling in little patches of dirt that I find. It’s the best. Mom always tries to make me smell like flowers, but that’s so GROSS!

The car ride home is usually pretty sleepy. My mom keeps a blanket for me to cuddle with in the backseat and I sleep most of the way. But I know when we take the exit to go to our house! I sit up and watch the other cars and trees because I can’t wait to get into my bed!!

After goodnight kisses from my mom and hugs from my dad I fall fast asleep and dream about Roxy and bunnies and gophers! Then I wake up at 3:00AM and peek at my mom and the whole day starts again. I just love living with my mom and Jake.