Do you want to build a snowman?

Snowmen are the cutest, but it’s so sad when they melt away. Fear not, I’ve found a solution to the problem by making an indoor one out of wood!

First, you’ll need three circles of wood. One large, one medium, and one small. Then you’ll need a cylinder of wood smaller in diameter than your small circle, but pretty tall.

Once you have all three , use wood glue to fuse  the large and medium together with the large on the bottom. I made my large one with a flat edge so that it can stand on its own. Then, glue the small one perpendicular to the medium round. This is the base of the hat. Once that dries, glue the cylinder on top of the small round to make the top of the hat.

Now, it’s time for fun! You can decorate your snow man any way you like. I used black buttons for eyes with chalk paint on them to add a mischievous sparkle. I found leather rounds in some of my craft stuff and used those as buttons. His nose is wooden, which actually fell off one of the circles. The mouth I just drew on with sharpie. I found some velvet fabric and tied a scarf around him, made a pocket out of denim, and put a fake flower in the pocket. His hat has a small patch of plaid fabric with a button and a bow made out of hemp string. I also added a piece of straw on the side of the hat for character.

He’s the cutest. You’ll love a little guy like this smiling at you all winter long!


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