DIY of the (Holi)Day #4

The next project I’m going to share with you, doesn’t necessarily have to be a gift, or even something that you just do for Christmas. Depending on how you design it, this could be seasonal or every day décor that you leave up all year long (which I plan to do).

Today, we’re making fabric trees!


First step, go to a fabric store (I went to JOANN Fabrics and Crafts) and pick out  fabrics that complement each other. I went for a rustic, wintery theme with fake fur, fuzzy greens, charcoal greys, and basic patterns, nothing too crazy.

Step two, draw the size of trees you’re wanting on a piece of paper and cut them out. Remember, they will be smaller once they’re sewn. Then trace the cut out trees onto the fabric and cut them out. I did a total of 12 trees. If the fabric is different on the inside than the outside, make sure and put the side you want to show inside when sewing.

Once you’ve lined up your two trees you can begin sewing them together. Sew everything but the trunk. Once you’ve gotten this far, turn the tree inside out through the trunk. You may  need to use a stitch puller to help you, but be careful not to hurt your sewing job. Stuff the inside with stuffing (I used the stuffing from my dog’s torn up stuffed animals), then sew the trunk shut.

Now, you have a tree! Do this with each of them until your tiny forestry is complete. You can gift them to people, nail them into the wall, or make an advent calendar out of them. I pinned mine to the wall on our map. They look super cute and adventurous.


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