DogWood Keepsake

This one goes out to all the animal parents out there. As any normal dog mom, I’m obsessed with my little howler and want to hold onto every adorable thing about him. Finding a way to capture his essence other than through pictures on my phone was a little challenging but worth it.

Get ready to DIY your pants off with this adorable paw print memorabilia for your pet. The tools you’ll need for this project include a slat/plank of wood (you can find barn wood at Hobby Lobby or use part of a pallet), acrylic paint (I used pastel colors), small paint brushes, and of course an animal ready to hand over one of their paws!

I would do this outside in the grass, or in a controlled space that is super easy to clean. Pick a color for your precious pet’s paw print – this will be the petals of a flower.  Once you’ve painted a paw, place it carefully on the wood plank in a mismatched line. Have a few wipes ready for your fur baby. Let the flower petals dry so you don’t mess them up in the next step of the process.

Then, you’re going to need a shade of green. Paint imperfect lines down the board up towards the paw prints. These will be the stems of the flowers. Grab a yellow, orange, or other color you want to use as the middle of the flower where the pollen lives.

And, Boom! You have yourself the cutest little block of wood that honors your pet!


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