Dried Flowers bring Tears of Joy Showers

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m all about saving money through DIY. Here’s a great gift for almost anyone in the family. It’s a dried flower wall hanging.

You can use any flowers, grasses, wheat that you have access to; you can even use flowers that a loved one adored before they past, making it even more sentimental.

What you’ll need:

-Two picture frames with glass (make sure they are the exact same – I found mine at Goodwill)


-Hefty books that you won’t be reading for a long time

First, go out and pick flowers! This part is the best! Take a walk, get some fresh air, and pick what catches your eye. Bring them back to your house and open up those large books. Stagger your flowers on different pages and shut them carefully. Stack books on top of the ones that you put flowers in to make sure they become fully flat. I let my books sit for about three weeks. When I pulled the flowers out they were super flat and dry, which is what you want.


Take the cardboard and backing off of one of the frames. Make sure the glass is super clean and begin placing your flowers in an arrangement. Then take the glass out of the second frame and place it over the flowers. Seal the frame (hopefully it has small metal tabs that allow for this. If you buy a frame that has a stand on it, you won’t be able to have just a clear setting. You may like to have a background color of some sort, but for mine I just stuck with the transparency of the glass.


And, you’re done! This isn’t a last minute project you can do, but it’s a cost-efficient gift that means more because of its simplistic beauty and effort.


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