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Feeding Time

Instincts, every being possesses them. Although we exist as humans, are we truly just animals at our core?

We crave for what we think our body, more so our soul, needs. We strive for something more – something bigger. The human feeding time.

Looking at the artwork of John James Audubon’s, depicting beautifully graceful birds preying on squirrels, rabbits, and the like, stirs something up inside of me, forcing me to see them as evil. But they’re really just following their instincts, they’re growling stomachs.

The mundane drives us to feeding time. The longing for adrenaline, for a rush of capturing our dreams in our talons and digging into them, draining them for all they’re worth.

Is that so bad? To change the path you’re on? To change your life? To push for something bigger?

Selfish ambition, something much different than feeding time. That’s being the falcon who decides to kill, and kill, and kill until it’s sick. It’s the hawk who kills mice over and over again and leaves their corpses for the buzzards.

It all begins with just a taste of something more. An idea, the possibility. Then obsession sinks in. It takes you away from your everyday life, out of the now. You’re no longer living your current life, but focusing on the possibility of the future, your so-called saving grace.

Day and night you dream about it. You feel as though you have to go outside the realm of feeding time to achieve your bloodthirsty wants.

The more you crave it, the more it becomes reality. The more you put steps into action. Each step you take, each time you fan your wings, pecking away at your prey, you’re submerging deeper and deeper into the world of animalistic rabidity.

The time has come. You can taste the sweet, sweet blood of the prey you’ve never gone after. The one bigger than you thought you could conquer. Beads of sweat start to pop up along your brow. You use them as ammunition to fuel your adrenaline. Finally, your boredom is subsiding, you feel fully alive. You’re soaring just above the beating heart of your deepest desire. You’re now a full-fledged fiend. As your own heart beats quicker and quicker, your shakiness grows. It’s now or never. You swiftly swoop closer and closer. You can almost smell it. But you miss.

You soar back up into the blue sky for just a second before you swoop back down into the pit of darkness and this time one of your talons grazes its skin. It tears your prey just enough to let a little red line of blood seep through. The animal is now aware of your presence. You realize what you’ve done. It’s no longer about instinct. You’ve caused pain. Not just to the harmless animal but to your soul. You’ve frightened it, caused irreversible physical damage.

You black out. When you wake, nothing exists but darkness. You thought it was a dream until you looked down and saw your blood stained claw. You can’t cope or accept who you are. Your whole body comes into awareness. How did you get this far? You lost yourself in what you thought was just instinct. The path you laid out to excite you past the mundane hurt not only you, but friends, family,  the physicality of the prey, and other moving parts you cannot even fathom. But, it doesn’t have to end this way.

We are not purely animals. We are not fully built on instinct. We have the ability to chase our dreams, to conquer the mundane through love. The love that others refuse to spread; the love that puts others above instinct, above feeding time.

Inspired by American Animals.


A Cyrus Sandwich

“Guys, he is coming ,” 99.7 DJX’s Ben Davis calmly said to fellow DJ, Chelsea, and I. Not only was one Cyrus coming to the station, but the father of all Cyrus’, Mr. Billy Ray himself. In the flesh. I was having enough trouble thinking about meeting Noah, his youngest, let alone the dad from Hannah Montana.

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Miley. The days leading up to the big meet and greet I hardly slept. My anxious excitement filled every inch of my thoughts, until I woke up and it was THE day. The day I got to meet members of my favorite family.

The anticipation grew greater as the time seemingly got pushed back farther and farther. My two little hair buns on top of my head felt like they were going to pop off! I just couldn’t wait any longer! Then it was time to prep.

As I stood in the studio with Ben and Chelsea my heart pounded. I was shaking as I awaited the duo to turn the corner. Chelsea and I were discussing the Cyrus family and which members we hoped would tag along. As the intensity grew phrases were thrown out such as, “I’ll pee my pants if…” and “I will literally cry if…” To which Ben looked into each our eyes with a fatherly gaze as he said, “guys, he is coming with her. I’m just going to go ahead and tell you so you can get it all out now.” It was official. Noah was bringing her iconic father and neither of us could deal.

Just as our shock  hit us, J.D., the program director, walked in and announced a rash change of plans. Noah was going to interview later in the studio and they were on their way. Rushing out of the studio, I found a couple coworkers and we made our way outside to get some air.

Then, in slow motion, I glanced to my left, and there they were, walking down the street looking cool as hell. Billy Ray Cyrus clad in a heather- colored beanie and aviators and Noah Cyrus with red cast Lennon- inspired shades walked down Fourth Street straight towards me. I’m sure I looked insane, but I took in this movie moment and play it on a continuous loop at least once a day.

J.D. welcomed the pair as I stood in awe. Billy looked to us and said, “How are you all doin’ over there?” to which I quickly replied, “GREAT!” As we followed them inside Noah took a photo of our dog logo. It reminded her of one of her past pups. The two of them, along with their band got on the elevator and I followed in suit. JD came on with me (THANK GOD), knowing how big of a fan I am he just turned and smiled at me. So, of course, I turned around to Papa Cyrus and Baby Cyrus and introduced myself.. literally two inches from their faces. They smiled and greeted me.

Walking off of an elevator with Billy Ray Cyrus and Noah Cyrus was one of the greatest feelings in the WORLD. I walked in with them following behind me to all the fans who were patiently waiting. The smile plastered across my face told it all. It was truly better than Christmas morning, and that’s saying a lot coming from me.

As soon as we were all seated Noah said, “Hey dad want some pizza?” (so casual) He ate his sausage and pepperoni slices as he sat in a stack of five chairs just nonchalantly in the back of the room. They’re seriously such a cute father and daughter pair. Noah took her seat at the front of the room as she played “Again” followed by “Make Me.” She hit those high notes and sang so perfectly. I wanted to full out sing and dance but I had to keep my cool as everyone else was silent.


After the intimate performance, we each took a picture with Noah. When it was my turn she looked at me and said “Hey girl,” like we were already besties.

We were rushed upstairs to the studio for the on-air interview. I held my breath as I filmed the entirety of the brilliance. I was so shaky, especially at the end of the session when Billy Ray turned to my camera and nodded! I literally thought I was going to DIE.  He had so many cool tattoos. I just couldn’t believe he was in the flesh right in front of me.

I took a picture with both Cyrus’s to which I said, “Cyrus Sandwich.”

“Everyone says that!” Noah said while smiling.


After we were all done acting as paparazzi, I asked for Noah’s autograph and gave her some dried tea leaves. She was SO grateful. Like I had given her diamonds. She hugged me and said, “You’re so sweet thank you so much. Seriously.” Billy said “Hey you got your tea.” THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!

The rest of the staff all got pictures with Billy Ray and then we walked them out. Noah thanked me one last time.

Thank you to DJX for the best experience of my life next to my wedding.
P.S. They played “Achy Breaky Heart” that night during the opening of the Katy Perry show #lifemade


The One with the Tour

Soft. Like velvet. Like sitting on a cloud. A cloud that will always be there for you. That’s what it felt like, sitting on the very same couch that the cast of Friends sat on all those years ago.


As the Warner Brothers tour came to an end, I could feel the anticipation of entering into the world I’ve always wanted to be a part of. As I turned the corner, tears filled my eyes as the set of Central Perk was laid out before me, in perfect array. I held my breath as we waited in line to place our eager tushes on the infamous upholstery. FINALLY it was our turn. It all happened so fast. We held mugs, looked in several directions for the “paparazzi,” and then it was on to the next in line.


However, this isn’t nearly the end of the story. Oh no, my “Friends,” we’re just getting started. What I didn’t mention is that we’d already witnessed the “Central Park” where Rachel and Phoebe ran together, the stairs Ross played the keyboard on during the prom flashback, Frank Jr.’s House, and the “field” where Red Ross played Rugby. My heart was already soaring just from those instances and then from getting to sit where they sat, breathe the same air, just, you know, 10+ years later. Ok, so maybe not the EXACT same air. Regardless, I felt so close to my favorite characters.

I had no idea how much closer I was about to get. Back at the Perk, after our photo, there was a countdown on television screens above the set, a countdown for the next shooting. I HAD to be a part of it. I WOULD be a part of it, no matter what I had to do. And here we go…

The set attendant turned to all of us gathered around and asked who loved Friends. Thinking everyone would scream their guts out, I gave it my all. And I was the loudest… I’m sure I had a crazy look in my eyes when she turned to me and asked who my favorite character was, to which I replied “Phoebe Buffay.” All of a sudden, my dreams had come true. The heavens had opened as she began to sing “Smelly Cat.”  She handed me the mic, as I proudly sang the line, “What are they feeding you?” Then, as we all continued to sing, the attendant was about to turn to me again with the mic and the WORST thing happened. I don’t know how it could have happened. I guess with all the hype my mind just couldn’t process it all, but I BLANKED!  I FROZE! Thank goodness for the rest of the crowd helping me out. Even my husband made fun of me with, “REALLY?! You of all people!”

After that slight embarrassment, I was chosen to play Rachel in a scene (the only available female role that had nothing to do with my failure as Phoebe). The attendant asked me who I had brought with me, “My husband, but he doesn’t want to do this,” I said.  She persisted that I needed a Ross to my Rachel. He begrudgingly obliged as the crowd egged him on. We were joined by a Joey participant, as well. Suddenly all eyes were on us as we watched the scene from “The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner” and rehearsed our lines.

Lights. Camera. Action. It was my time to shine as a member of the Friends cast. I was giddy. Like on Christmas morning. I said my lines flawlessly, unlike the “Smelly Cat” incident. As we watched the playback I was just so full of joy all I could do was smile and forbear a scream.


As we walked away, I couldn’t focus on anything else for this part of the tour. All I could think about was going back. So we did. Like five times. And on the last time, we lucked out. MAJORLY.

We noticed that no one was in line for pictures, and people were exploring the set! So, obviously, we got pictures all over the place. I kept touching everything, from coffee pots, to mugs, to magazines, to an old computer, to a guitar meant to look like Phoebe’s. I couldn’t stop soaking up each and every detail. I’m getting emotional right now just thinking about it, thinking about how I miss it so much and how I want to go back every single day. Once we had taken in every inch of the set, it was time to get our Central Perk coffee. And as we walked out, my tummy was warm with mocha and my heart was warm with a deeper love for my favorite Friends.



Thank you Warner Brothers for letting fans experience something so raw and beautiful. I’m forever grateful.


Ke$ha’s Newest Music Video Lets Fans into a Whole New Realm by Featuring Ke$ha’s Younger Years

With three songs released from her highly anticipated upcoming album, I’m already loving Ke$ha’s new vibe. She’s vulnerable and not afraid to show it. The whole legal battle she went through has obviously only made her stronger, as Ke$ha’s digging deep into parts of her life she’s never shared with fans, specifically in her newest release, “Learn To Let Go.”

The music video begins with Ke$ha watching old home videos, which quickly turn into reality. She’s walking in a wooded area with parts of her past running around, similar to a horror film. She stumbles upon artifacts of her past including her old bed and portable karaoke recording machine, all the while dancing as if she has the spirit of a child again. Those dance moves are possibly the best part of the film. It’s hilarious watching her reenact her younger self, rocking out like no one’s watching.

The background constantly changes into a puppet show, a pool, and various other scenes from home videos. All of this back and forth encompasses my favorite stanza from the song:

I think it’s time to practice what I preach
Exorcise the demons inside me
Whoa, gotta learn to let it go

The video ends the same way it started, with Ke$ha watching home videos and seeing the smiling face on that little girl she once was.

We should all be reminded of who we were growing up, where we came from and why. A lot of us had much freer spirits back then.

Let’s dance like we don’t care, love like no tomorrow, and wear our hearts on our sleeves. Life should be lived like a genuine child.

Thank you Ke$ha!!

The Enamor of The Cyrus Virus

Of course, I’m going to report on the Cyrus clan. The mother of them all, Tish Cyrus, recently sat down for a radio interview with Mario Lopez, during which she clarified Miley’s nuptial plans, or lack there of…

Unfortunately for us Smilers, Miley isn’t planning on getting married anytime soon. Several rumors have spread over the course of Liam and Miley’s engagement of possible elopement, but none of them possess a backbone of accuracy.  For example, Billy Ray posted a photo back in March with a picture of a camera depicting Miley in a white dress with the caption, “I’m so happy… you are happy @MileyCyrus.” After the release of “Malibu,” it seems pretty clear that this was a shot filmed for the music video.

billy ray tweet.PNG

The eventually-to-be Hemsworth’s are living together in Malibu and “so freaking happy,” according to Momma Cyrus. They have their whole lives ahead of them and are taking their time. Simply observing from the outside, their relationship has seemed like a roller coaster, so who can blame them for riding a calmer wave.

From new music, to new Bravo shows, to modeling , the Cyrus clan continues to exercise their talents, while fully supporting each other. I don’t know about you but my irises are completely in love with the view of the Cyrus’s.

‘13 Reasons Why’ Love is Exponentially Vital

The Netflix phenomenon, better known as “13 Reasons Why” has taken the practice of binge watching to the next level. The brilliant concept unforgivingly shows how a lack of love can irrevocably destroy a person’s world.

Surrounding Hannah Baker’s suicide are cases of high school drama that the majority of us have experienced to some degree. Unfortunately for Hannah, she had piles and piles of trash repeatedly dumped on her heart, all because people forgot how to love, or just didn’t care to.

Screenshot Powered by Netflix
  1. Spite bites back

Remember in high school (or maybe you’re currently in it) when someone would spread a rumor or purposefully make you look less than in front of a bunch of people? It created a fire inside you. It made you want to humiliate that person in the worst ways possible. How could they destroy your reputation? How could they say that about you when you’ve never even hurt them? But now you will. Spite doesn’t just make you just as bad as the person who hurt you in the first place, but it also bites – deep. You may think you’re simply protecting yourself, but instead you’re causing a bitter taste that can stay within your stomach for years. Learn to love yourself no matter what the haters say.

  1. High school passes

Now, as a 23-year-old, looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have cared so much in high school. Everyone wants to be cool, popular. Every compliment or degrading comment stays with you during that time period like inkless tattoos. Although high school passes, it’s vital that while we’re there we learn to love, especially ourselves.

  1. Suicide is real

“13 Reasons Why” is receiving a bad stigma based on the thought that it glorifies suicide. Yes, the last episode of Season 1 does show the graphic departure of Hannah Baker, and it’s not for the weak stomach. The scene where Hannah takes her own life, is meant to show the ugly truth of suicide. To quote Selena Gomez in Entertainment Weekly, “This is happening every day. Whether or not you wanted to see it, that’s what’s happening,” she said in a radio interview on Elvis Duran show. Society tends to undermine suicide and treat it in ways that are ineffective, for example the posters in the school on the show. Sure, the actress probably cut open fake bags of blood for the cameras, but there are people out there, people that are your friends who have either seriously considered this route or have already taken it. Let’s be the generation who fights for life, who makes every single person realize that they have a purpose and NO ONE is worth wasting it.

4. To all the Clay Jensen’s – Quit holding back

If you’re a fan of the show, then it’s clear how many times, how many freaking times, Clay just doesn’t do anything. Instead, he takes all of that out on everyone else on the tapes. If you’re holding back from standing up for someone because of your reputation or because your scared or for any reason, take a leap of faith. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means risking your shallow outside persona. So many times Clay could have ran after Hannah and talked with her about what was going on in her life. He was too worried about his crush on her to move. So, I’m saying to you now, MOVE.

  1. Your sexual status doesn’t matter

Everyone in high school seems to focus on sex status. How many bases have you ran? How far have you gone? Did you go all the way? And sometimes these questions don’t even get asked. Sometimes rumors get broadcast all over school. And for some reason, everyone cares when they do. It’s like an endless game of torture telephone that no one wins at. Instead of tearing each other down based on physical actions, let’s build each other up and know that whatever someone has done is between them and the person they trusted enough to do it with. Let’s stop placing labels based on accusations. They really do hurt.

  1. Love changes you

When you spread love, even if it’s forced at first, it becomes habit and begins to change you from the inside out. Once you turn this awkward process into routine, what once were simple compliments or musings, turn into genuine feelings of love towards people, towards new friends, or maybe even old ones. It can be difficult to change your thinking. It’s hard to change the pattern of judgement that we’re taught to inflict in school. But, once you tackle that monster, love is like breathing, second nature.

  1. Hey Hannah Baker’s and Jessica Davis’, you have worth

For those of you who have seen the show, I’m referring to Bryce’s and Justin’s second tape. I can’t speak from experience, but you are a gem, a diamond in the rough. It’s like breaking a bone, once it heals, it’s that much stronger. I’m not saying that rape is equivalent to breaking a bone by any means, but you can, you will get through this. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone. If not your parents at first, than tell a trusted friend, someone who won’t judge you, someone who will comfort you. Above all, tell God. In the words of Taylor Swift’s “Innocent”:

Your string of lights is still bright to me

Oh, who you are is not what you’ve been

You’re still an innocent

A plethora of resources exist on the interweb, but here is one to start:

  1. Screw comfort zones

You know how in high school and even middle school, everyone has their clique? Even though I love Drake’s song that spotlights this exact occurrence, they freaking suck. Some people branch out, but others stay in their comfortable space with people they know. What if instead of living mediocre, comfortable lives, we stepped out of our little world and actually made a difference. No matter what age you are this is for you! We can do this. We can go out of our way to make someone’s day. We can spread love by simply extending a helping hand or acknowledging somebody’s existence. Even if we get rejected, at least we’re trying. That’s what Hannah needed, and I bet someone that you’ve come in contact with does too.

  1. We all make mistakes, kick your own ass and own up!

When Bryce took Justin’s phone and sent out that picture of Hannah on the playground slide to the entire school, Justin just let it happen. He didn’t own up and say that nothing but a kiss happened between the two of them because it made him look cool, but at the expense of Hannah. We have to begin stopping rumors before they spread. When Justin showed all of his friends the picture, that was his first mistake. He knew it could potentially hurt Hannah’s reputation, but he cared more about himself. It’s pertinent that we start putting everyone else above us, especially those who are prone to get hurt.

  1. Find a Tony

Although we only get a glimpse of Tony and Hannah’s relationship, it’s pretty clear he’s a standup guy. He’s a protector, a promise-keeper. You can trust him. Everyone needs a Tony in their lives. It could be a family member, close friend, accountability partner, someone you completely trust with your entire heart and life. Especially if you’re feeling like you’re spiraling like Hannah, then hold onto someone who loves you, who’s got your back. Tony’s can be hard to come by, but usually they’re right under your nose, they’re there when you need them.

  1. Give your parents a break

Parents can be invasive. They can drive you crazy and make you feel like you have zero privacy. Like you’re a left over dish covered in saran wrap, rather than foil. But, they love you. They wish they could be your Tony. Parents, at least most of them, just want to make sure you’re okay. They love you. I’m sure I’ll understand one day when I have kids of my own, but for now I do know that I love my dog, that I’d do anything to keep him safe. I’m sure with a human, that feeling will be even stronger, and I’ll want my kids to give me a break, cut me some slack, and talk to me. You don’t have to share everything, but share enough. They need you just as badly as you need them.

  1. Everyday counts, remember Jeff

Every decision you make, every word that leaves your lips, every action you do or don’t take makes a difference. It can change someone’s life, in this case Jeff’s. He lost his life due to the decisions made by Sheri, which were caused by the sequence of events that occurred that night. Chain reactions. Control what you can. Push for others to do what’s right. It just might save a life.

  1. Our creator designed us for love.. Retweet that.

Whether cyber or old school, face-to-face bullying, you were not designed for hate. You were outfitted with love. Each and every one of you is made to do great things in this world. We’re all made by design to love. To love our friends, our family, our enemies, those who betray us – who hurt us. We are made to love each and every human being, no matter the circumstances. It’s time to step up and learn to spread the love. It’s part of our innate being. So, stand up for people, get over YOUR wants, and focus on the needs of others. Let’s come together and not give another person even ONE reason to turn on themselves. Instead, let’s give them a million and ONE reasons to rely on God.


A $20 Million Lawsuit awaits the twin-bearing Beyoncé

Looks like Blue Ivy’s inheritance may be dropping again due to a sample in Beyoncé’s ‘Formation.’ First the twins, now this?!

Known as Messy Mya on YouTube, Anthony Barré’s estate may soon be gaining value as claims have been established that Mrs. Carter sampled one of his videos without permission. In the 2010 YouTube video, Barré says “Ooh, Baby, oh yes, I like that,” which can be heard a minute into ‘Formation.’ The lawsuit for the $20 million is due in royalties and for other damages, reported the Huffington Post.

According to MTV News, The New Orleans YouTube personality was shot and killed in November of 2010, shortly after the “pirated” video was released. The Lemonade may be turning sour.