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Mariah Carey gives a Bribery Lap Dance

Mariah Carey’s new beau and back up dancer, Bryan Tanaka, recently fractured his knee-cap and hasn’t been able to dance with his beloved on tour. In order to convince him not to quit, Ms. Carey utilized her stripper-inspired skills and gave him a lap dance to “Touch My Body” at one of the tour stops showcased on  E!’s most recent episode of Mariah’s World.

Tanaka sported a full-leg brace and crutches as he wobbled to the chair for his special moment. The other dancers helped him on stage while Mariah blindfolded him. “It was pretty amazing. That moment when I got to go on stage for a second, it was a special moment in time,” said Tanaka.

According to People, the dancer’s doctor has advised him to stay off of his knee for another four weeks.

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned every Sunday at 9 p.m. to find out if they end up together or not. Sounds like a botched up situation, much like Tanaka’s knee.