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Do you want to build a snowman?

Snowmen are the cutest, but it’s so sad when they melt away. Fear not, I’ve found a solution to the problem by making an indoor one out of wood!

First, you’ll need three circles of wood. One large, one medium, and one small. Then you’ll need a cylinder of wood smaller in diameter than your small circle, but pretty tall.

Once you have all three , use wood glue to fuse  the large and medium together with the large on the bottom. I made my large one with a flat edge so that it can stand on its own. Then, glue the small one perpendicular to the medium round. This is the base of the hat. Once that dries, glue the cylinder on top of the small round to make the top of the hat.

Now, it’s time for fun! You can decorate your snow man any way you like. I used black buttons for eyes with chalk paint on them to add a mischievous sparkle. I found leather rounds in some of my craft stuff and used those as buttons. His nose is wooden, which actually fell off one of the circles. The mouth I just drew on with sharpie. I found some velvet fabric and tied a scarf around him, made a pocket out of denim, and put a fake flower in the pocket. His hat has a small patch of plaid fabric with a button and a bow made out of hemp string. I also added a piece of straw on the side of the hat for character.

He’s the cutest. You’ll love a little guy like this smiling at you all winter long!


DIY of the Day involving the VMA’s?!

Have you ever looked at a mason jar and thought, “I love you.” Well, I haven’t unless it’s a super old one that’s tinted blue or if it’s been made into something functional and cute.

Black Mason jar

The project I’m about to go into, involves an insanely cute mason jar… that I did not make. Before you freak out on me and call me a poser, I know how to make it, but I chose to buy it from a celebrity instead.

“What celebrity would sell DIY projects?!” you might ask. Could it be Kendrick Lamar? Miley Cyrus? One of the girls from Fifth Harmony?? Or am I just naming people from last night’s VMA’s? The answer will come later. For now, here’s the step by step guide to making a chic mason jar night light.

Items needed to complete this craft include: a mason jar, black spray paint, a candle or string of battery-powered lights, string, and tape.

To start, you’ll want to think of the design you want the light to show through the jar. The one I have is shaped similar to a sun. Cut and place the tape accordingly on the jar. Remember, you will be spraying the rest of the bottle black, so make sure your design is big enough for light to show through.

Once you’ve taped off your design, go outside or to a super airy space to spray the entire bottle black. Make sure you take off the mason jar lid during this step. I would do two to three coats, just to make sure you get full coverage.

Let that dry for over 24 hours. Then peel away your tape. Looking cute at this stage, I know. Just wait, it gets cuter. Then, either place your candle, or string of lights inside and screw on the outer ring of the lid. You can discard the center part of the lid if you used a candle (don’t catch on fire like Kendrick’s backup dancers on MTV), but you can choose to keep it if you went with the better option, in my opinion – an LED string of lights. (The celebrity who made this chose the candle, just FYI). Last step! Wrap the string of your choice around the top of the jar just below the lid. Do this a couple of times, then tie a bow! So rustic chic!

And voila! You have a modish night light you can use to add that warm ambiance to your home. Ok, time for the big reveal…  Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” LaValle made this adorable piece for me! Check her out at her shop on Etsy called Nicole’s Craft Room. She’ll even autograph your one-of-a kind-item! ! Sending DIY love to ya girl!

DIY of the Day #BecomingBickelStyle

I’ve crafted my fair share of DIY projects, from my wedding centerpieces (and every other decoration) to cute home décor, to functional pieces. I’m OBSESSED with it! Not only does it save money, but I love being able to say “Yeah, I made that.” No big deal…


It’s kind of like writing for me. Each week I expel one piece of writing onto the interweb. It’s like taking all of my bouncing thoughts and getting them out, as if they’re threatening to destroy me if I don’t.

Do It Yourself crafts are similar in this way. I find a concept I like or most likely LOVE, usually on Pinterest. Times do exist where I’ll come up with my own ideas. (Hard to believe, I know.) I see if I have the materials in house because, let’s face it, I have a tower of craft supplies, or as my mom calls “junk,” sitting next to my desk at home.

Usually I can make do with most cutesy projects, but what I don’t have I find on sale or use mega discount coupons at Michaels. That place is my second home, or at least it used to be before I got on a budget. Now, my husband forbids me to go there most of the time. Harsh, I know.

I want to take you through a DIY project from start to finish, through the nitty gritty dregs that go along with each joyous process. I have so many favorites that I’ve completed over the years, so just know this was a hard task to narrow it down.

Since it’s almost my one year wedding anniversary, I’ve chosen one that celebrates that! I made each and every centerpiece for my medium sized wedding which required 35 of them. Holy crap, right?!

Each centerpiece consisted of three wine bottles of various shapes and sizes. To start this process, you have to fill a tub or large sink full of hot water. Make sure you fill each bottle full of water as well. Lay them down and let them sit overnight. The next day drain and refill the tub with hot water once more for about an hour. Take them out one bottle at a time, letting the rest sit in the water until it’s their turn.

Lay a towel down on a counter that doesn’t scratch easily. Take an exacto knife, old kitchen knife, or blade of some sort and scrape the label off away from your body. Goo Gone is your best friend in this process. Trust me! I did 35 centerpieces, each containing 3 bottles, that’s 105 bottles, not counting the cute ones scattered around the venue! (Drank!) My pour fingers were raw by the end of each batch, which was about 10 bottles.

Once you have removed all of the labels and made sure NO STICKY RESIDUE REMAINS, it’s time to spray paint. If your bottles are still sticky, the paint won’t look right. I used three different colors, mint green, chalkboard black, and gritty sandstone. I went through so many bottles of spray paint, that I wish I kept track so I could blow your mind with the end number, but I was too focused on getting the job done.

This requires several coats of paint. I did this in the middle of the night on several occasions. Make sure and lay towels down where your spray painting because it WILL get on EVERYTHING. Let them dry overnight. I made sure each bottle was spray painted before I completed the next part.

To make them super cute and rustic, cut strips of burlap and canvas to wrap around the top portion of each bottle. Don’t hot glue your fingers to the bottle. It’s painful. Then once that dries, take hemp string or light colored string and tie a bow around the canvas, gluing it in place.

I didn’t just want the bottles to sit on the tables with nothing under them, so I came up with the idea of stacking vintage green books underneath them. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds to find decently priced old GREEN books that you know you’re never going to use again after the fact. Vendors Villages are AMAZING when it comes to books priced at fifty cents to a dollar.

The next step required grouping the bottles into threes, making sure each grouping had one of each color and different heights and sizes of bottles. I stacked two books and glued the bottles on, varying their heights, all the while making sure to put stack the books the same way each time and glue the colors in the same place for each centerpiece (you’ll understand with the pictures). My florist provided the GORGEOUS flowers and cotton that were strategically placed to have the most aesthetic appeal to the eye.

And voila, you’re left with about 20 of these things after the wedding,  and you’re so attached to all the hard work you put into each one that you end up keeping half of them and giving the rest away as gifts. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I got so many compliments on them and they were so worth the trouble and effort. One is displayed proudly in my home as a reminder of my romantically whimsical wedding.

See below for your viewing pleasure!

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**Thank you to my bridesmaids, mother, and grandmothers for helping with the process. And a HUGE thank you to Michael’s for having all of the supplies all bought with coupons!