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A Cyrus Sandwich

“Guys, he is coming ,” 99.7 DJX’s Ben Davis calmly said to fellow DJ, Chelsea, and I. Not only was one Cyrus coming to the station, but the father of all Cyrus’, Mr. Billy Ray himself. In the flesh. I was having enough trouble thinking about meeting Noah, his youngest, let alone the dad from Hannah Montana.

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Miley. The days leading up to the big meet and greet I hardly slept. My anxious excitement filled every inch of my thoughts, until I woke up and it was THE day. The day I got to meet members of my favorite family.

The anticipation grew greater as the time seemingly got pushed back farther and farther. My two little hair buns on top of my head felt like they were going to pop off! I just couldn’t wait any longer! Then it was time to prep.

As I stood in the studio with Ben and Chelsea my heart pounded. I was shaking as I awaited the duo to turn the corner. Chelsea and I were discussing the Cyrus family and which members we hoped would tag along. As the intensity grew phrases were thrown out such as, “I’ll pee my pants if…” and “I will literally cry if…” To which Ben looked into each our eyes with a fatherly gaze as he said, “guys, he is coming with her. I’m just going to go ahead and tell you so you can get it all out now.” It was official. Noah was bringing her iconic father and neither of us could deal.

Just as our shock  hit us, J.D., the program director, walked in and announced a rash change of plans. Noah was going to interview later in the studio and they were on their way. Rushing out of the studio, I found a couple coworkers and we made our way outside to get some air.

Then, in slow motion, I glanced to my left, and there they were, walking down the street looking cool as hell. Billy Ray Cyrus clad in a heather- colored beanie and aviators and Noah Cyrus with red cast Lennon- inspired shades walked down Fourth Street straight towards me. I’m sure I looked insane, but I took in this movie moment and play it on a continuous loop at least once a day.

J.D. welcomed the pair as I stood in awe. Billy looked to us and said, “How are you all doin’ over there?” to which I quickly replied, “GREAT!” As we followed them inside Noah took a photo of our dog logo. It reminded her of one of her past pups. The two of them, along with their band got on the elevator and I followed in suit. JD came on with me (THANK GOD), knowing how big of a fan I am he just turned and smiled at me. So, of course, I turned around to Papa Cyrus and Baby Cyrus and introduced myself.. literally two inches from their faces. They smiled and greeted me.

Walking off of an elevator with Billy Ray Cyrus and Noah Cyrus was one of the greatest feelings in the WORLD. I walked in with them following behind me to all the fans who were patiently waiting. The smile plastered across my face told it all. It was truly better than Christmas morning, and that’s saying a lot coming from me.

As soon as we were all seated Noah said, “Hey dad want some pizza?” (so casual) He ate his sausage and pepperoni slices as he sat in a stack of five chairs just nonchalantly in the back of the room. They’re seriously such a cute father and daughter pair. Noah took her seat at the front of the room as she played “Again” followed by “Make Me.” She hit those high notes and sang so perfectly. I wanted to full out sing and dance but I had to keep my cool as everyone else was silent.


After the intimate performance, we each took a picture with Noah. When it was my turn she looked at me and said “Hey girl,” like we were already besties.

We were rushed upstairs to the studio for the on-air interview. I held my breath as I filmed the entirety of the brilliance. I was so shaky, especially at the end of the session when Billy Ray turned to my camera and nodded! I literally thought I was going to DIE.  He had so many cool tattoos. I just couldn’t believe he was in the flesh right in front of me.

I took a picture with both Cyrus’s to which I said, “Cyrus Sandwich.”

“Everyone says that!” Noah said while smiling.


After we were all done acting as paparazzi, I asked for Noah’s autograph and gave her some dried tea leaves. She was SO grateful. Like I had given her diamonds. She hugged me and said, “You’re so sweet thank you so much. Seriously.” Billy said “Hey you got your tea.” THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!

The rest of the staff all got pictures with Billy Ray and then we walked them out. Noah thanked me one last time.

Thank you to DJX for the best experience of my life next to my wedding.
P.S. They played “Achy Breaky Heart” that night during the opening of the Katy Perry show #lifemade



DIY of the Day involving the VMA’s?!

Have you ever looked at a mason jar and thought, “I love you.” Well, I haven’t unless it’s a super old one that’s tinted blue or if it’s been made into something functional and cute.

Black Mason jar

The project I’m about to go into, involves an insanely cute mason jar… that I did not make. Before you freak out on me and call me a poser, I know how to make it, but I chose to buy it from a celebrity instead.

“What celebrity would sell DIY projects?!” you might ask. Could it be Kendrick Lamar? Miley Cyrus? One of the girls from Fifth Harmony?? Or am I just naming people from last night’s VMA’s? The answer will come later. For now, here’s the step by step guide to making a chic mason jar night light.

Items needed to complete this craft include: a mason jar, black spray paint, a candle or string of battery-powered lights, string, and tape.

To start, you’ll want to think of the design you want the light to show through the jar. The one I have is shaped similar to a sun. Cut and place the tape accordingly on the jar. Remember, you will be spraying the rest of the bottle black, so make sure your design is big enough for light to show through.

Once you’ve taped off your design, go outside or to a super airy space to spray the entire bottle black. Make sure you take off the mason jar lid during this step. I would do two to three coats, just to make sure you get full coverage.

Let that dry for over 24 hours. Then peel away your tape. Looking cute at this stage, I know. Just wait, it gets cuter. Then, either place your candle, or string of lights inside and screw on the outer ring of the lid. You can discard the center part of the lid if you used a candle (don’t catch on fire like Kendrick’s backup dancers on MTV), but you can choose to keep it if you went with the better option, in my opinion – an LED string of lights. (The celebrity who made this chose the candle, just FYI). Last step! Wrap the string of your choice around the top of the jar just below the lid. Do this a couple of times, then tie a bow! So rustic chic!

And voila! You have a modish night light you can use to add that warm ambiance to your home. Ok, time for the big reveal…  Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” LaValle made this adorable piece for me! Check her out at her shop on Etsy called Nicole’s Craft Room. She’ll even autograph your one-of-a kind-item! ! Sending DIY love to ya girl!

The Enamor of The Cyrus Virus

Of course, I’m going to report on the Cyrus clan. The mother of them all, Tish Cyrus, recently sat down for a radio interview with Mario Lopez, during which she clarified Miley’s nuptial plans, or lack there of…

Unfortunately for us Smilers, Miley isn’t planning on getting married anytime soon. Several rumors have spread over the course of Liam and Miley’s engagement of possible elopement, but none of them possess a backbone of accuracy.  For example, Billy Ray posted a photo back in March with a picture of a camera depicting Miley in a white dress with the caption, “I’m so happy… you are happy @MileyCyrus.” After the release of “Malibu,” it seems pretty clear that this was a shot filmed for the music video.

billy ray tweet.PNG

The eventually-to-be Hemsworth’s are living together in Malibu and “so freaking happy,” according to Momma Cyrus. They have their whole lives ahead of them and are taking their time. Simply observing from the outside, their relationship has seemed like a roller coaster, so who can blame them for riding a calmer wave.

From new music, to new Bravo shows, to modeling , the Cyrus clan continues to exercise their talents, while fully supporting each other. I don’t know about you but my irises are completely in love with the view of the Cyrus’s.

OMG is that Nick Jonas ?! #fangirl #crying #peeing

Imagine. An average citizen walks into a predominantly vacant café they frequent on a weekly basis. Expecting nothing out of the norm, they place their routine order, a Panini and a peppermint mocha latte, when a highly established, otherworldly celebrity figure enters the vicinity. As their eyes meet, recognition hits the café regular, now star-struck, customer square in the face. Something ignites within the salivating customer, emotions of excitement, hesitation, and denial, all of which can cause an unwanted scene. This eruption of emotions happens to even the most reserved people when they come in contact with a celebrity, especially one they admire.
“Fangirling” exists as an increasingly recognized social phenomenon that occurs when an overzealous individual, males included despite the terminology, completely “freaks out” when they see or talk about celebrities.
Three levels of fandom exist: entertainment-social, intense-personal, and borderline-pathological. The first involves minimal levels of celebrity worship through reading up on and gossiping about favorite stars with following their accomplishments and appearances via mass media mediums. To envision that a special bond exists between the fan and the celebrity results in the completion of the second stage, also known as the “para-social” interaction stage. The final stage progresses into obsession, stalking, and delusional feelings like the celebrity knows the fanatic on a personal level (Maltby, 27-29). These three stages of celebrity worship syndrome start out with innocent admiration and, in some cases, evolve into dangerous psychological mind games.
Celebrity worship advances through emotional contagion. When one acts as a dedicated fan to a socially recognized celebrity who another individual likes, then that individual acts like the initial dedicated fan to prove his or her equal devotion. Let’s take Miley Cyrus for example. Say an avid fan set Cyrus a fan letter package including a puppy and some joint papers. Another fan finds out and decides to one-up them by sending a puppy, joint papers, and actual weed, all of which would make the singer very happy.
A trending amateur-created “emoji” also exhibits the unhealthy, over-melodramatic state fans can reach, with hearts for eyes, sappy smile, and tears overflowing.
In the past, “Fangirling” resulted in several accidents, including injuries both to fans and celebrities, but overall it subsists as an innate part of society, rather than a problem. It lives within the human race as a fire triggered and ignited by certain people, living distinct publicized lifestyles. “People have “fangirled” for years; it just wasn’t called that. It’s at an all time high and on another level because celebrities now have Twitter and Instagram accounts where they let us see into their private lives more than ever before,” Radio DJ Alex Clark said, exemplifying the extent of platforms where triggers activate.
Truth, a company dedicated to exposing lies of the tobacco industry, currently promotes a campaign called “Finish It” to eliminate cigarettes for good. In frequently shown commercials, they acknowledge “fangirling” through the use of images. After showing a multitude of well-known celebrities smoking cigarettes, the commercial progresses with a photograph of teenage girls crying over those celebrities. The point of the photograph in the commercial exists to show that Truth holds nothing against those smoking; in fact they remain fans. This, with trending hash-tags on Twitter such as #fangirlproblems, subsist as additional sources relaying the popular cultural phenomenon of the act of “fangirling.” Whether crying uncontrollably, fainting, screaming, or other irrepressible actions, within everyone lives a “fan girl,” but its dominance depends on socialized individual desires and admirations.

“Slacktivism” and Miley Cyrus’s: My Friend’s Place Campaign

Many social media users participate in what is known as “slacktivism”, a feel good collective action that produces little or no social change. I’ve participated in a few forms of this via Facebook. Most of the time I ignore these sometimes politically charged campaigns, but if it revolves around celebrities or feminism, I’m all in.

Take Miley Cyrus’s My Friend’s Place, for instance, which she publicly announced its launch at the 2014 VMA’s. The campaign’s purpose is to help the homeless youth in L.A. There was a contest done through Prizeo, where if you donated to the organization, you received special gifts and a chance to meet Cyrus, herself at her tour stop in Rio. I donated and then spread awareness via Facebook and Instagram.

To others, this may not be seen as a form of “slacktivism” since it didn’t really go viral. I rarely saw others post about it, besides those associated with Prizeo and Cyrus. The only disconnect between action and social change centers around participants’ reasons for donating (perks vs. philanthropy). Personally, I think the campaigns that aren’t well known, unlike the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, receive more money. It comes across as a trustworthy foundation if it’s on an official site, other than a trending Facebook activity. It also makes me feel more important when it’s not a part of a fad. Not everyone is donating to Cyrus’s organization. But I did. Because I support her and her efforts. It gives me an extra push because a lot of people look down on her, but she’s doing good in the world whether they see it or not.

A potential improvement to the stars efforts, would be to keep rerunning it on Prizeo. Once the winners were revealed, the contest stopped, and I’m sure donations dropped drastically. If she held a contest every month on Prizeo or through another medium, donations would pick back up and it may even create a steady flow of money for the homeless youth of L.A.

Tshirt from the Prizeo/Cyrus Campaign for My Friend's Place
Tshirt from the Prizeo/Cyrus Campaign for My Friend’s Place

MTV’s VMAs: Miley Shocks the Nation; but not with the use of her tongue


This year’s Video Music Awards, hosted in Los Angeles, differed drastically from 2013’s award show, especially with Miley Cyrus’s appearances. Her first performance of her single “We Can’t Stop” shocked not only the audience present, but the viewers at home, and millions of others post airing. She provocatively danced with Robin Thicke, and we will never forget how she suggestively used that infamous foam finger. But, this year, was completely different. She didn’t perform, but attended due to her nominations. She won video of the year and sent a homeless young adult, Jesse Helt, to accept on her behalf. It kicked off her new charity for young homeless people in LA, known as My Friend’s Place. She’s raised over $20,000 since then and continues in her efforts to help. Of course, due to her originality and reputation, the nation was still shocked, but in a different sense. Instead of condemning Miley’s actions, they were overall praised. People seem to think Cyrus had changed when she had Helt give an acceptance speech. Yet, Miley has always been charitable through over 30 various organizations such as Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, and Music for Relief. She’s expressing every part of who she is, provocative, talented, wild, and relevant to this case, charitable.

In more current news, Miley Cyrus continues to add to her tattoo collection, and filled in some of her finger tats. The, once hollow heart that remains as a Cyrus family tradition, is now filled in with a galaxy design. The star also added an alien head and a watermelon slice. The eye on her pointer finger is also filled in with pigments of blue and white. Miley’s tattoos, whether sentimental, or impulsive, exist as a key characteristic of her persona.

Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour Outlet for Animal Activism

On August 9, I attended the Bangerz tour at Louisville, Kentucky’s Yum Center. The continuation of the trippy videos, played alongside Miley Cyrus’s singing, came to a halt after the artist sang Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. One of her dogs, Floyd, passed away this past Spring, around the same time my own little brother (dog), passed, as well. The overtly open, passionate entertainer has always had a soft heart towards animals. About three years ago, she rescued a dog, who now goes by Happy, abandoned outside of a Walmart. On the hot August evening of the concert, Miley had a heart-to-heart with the audience, spurred by a front row fan’s gift. A multitude of concert-goers with large wallets and floor seats, threw gifts of fandom affection at Cyrus throughout the duration of the event. One in particular was a bracelet with rhinos and hippos. It inspired a speech on how we should help as many animals as we can. She urged Kentuckians, who have a lot of land, to rescue these helpless creatures and to use the resources we have to benefit the world around us. Miley may repeatedly shock the society in which we live, but there’s more to the pop-star than her provocative persona.